Surface Grinder G-3A818
The worm is manufactured from medium carbon steel, hardened and precision ground combined with phosphor bronze worm gear fro smooth transmission, minimum wear and high accuracy Double “V” shaped slide ways between the saddle and base. Its surface is coated with Teflon and precision scraped, assuring extremely smooth movement and outstanding accuracy
Hardened and precision ground slide way between column and wheel head -

Item/Model No. Unit G-3A818
Table Size mm (in.) 200×450 (7.87×17.72)
Longitudinal Travel mm (in.) 480 (18.9)
Cross Travel mm (in.) 220  (8.66)
Spindle Center to Table mm (in.) 460 (18.11)
Magnetic Chuck Size mm (in.) OPT. 200×450 (7.87×17.72)
Longitudinal Feed
Manual Travel mm (in.) 530 (20.87)
Automatic Travel mm (in.) 510 (20.08)
Table Traverse Rate M/min 5~25
Cross Feed
Manual Travel mm (in.) 230 (90.6)
Automatic Travel mm (in.) 220 (7.87)
Automatic Feed (Variable) mm 0.5~10
Hand Wheel per Revolution mm 5
Hand Wheel per Graduation mm 0.02
*Micrometric Adjustment per Revolution mm OPT. 0.1
*Micrometric Adjustment per Graduation mm OPT. 0.001
Rapid Traverse Rate mm/min (ipm) -
Vertical Feed
Hand Wheel per Revolution mm 1
Hand Wheel per Graduation mm 0.005
*Micrometric Adjustment per Revolution mm OPT. 0.1
*Micrometric Adjustment per Graduation mm OPT. 0.001
Rapid Traverse Rate mm/min (ipm) -
Automatic Feed (Variable) mm -
Grinding Wheel
Grinding Wheel Size (OD×W×BD) mm 203×12~19×31.75
Spindle Speed rpm 3,450(60Hz) / 2,850(50Hz)
Spindle Motor kW (HP) 1.5 (2)
Hydraulic Motor kW (HP) 0.75 (1)
Cross Feed Drive 40W
Vertical Feed Drive 1/5HP
General Information
Total Rated Horsepower kW (HP) 3.75 (5)
Dimension (W×D×H) mm (in.) 1,585×1,250×1,950 (62.4×49.21×76.77)
Machinery Weight (Net) kg (lb.) 920 (2,024)
1. Wheel and Wheel Flange
2. Wheel Extractor with Wrench
3. Wheel Balancing Arbor
4. Service Tools
5. Diamond Dresser and Base
6. Work Lamp
7. Leveling Blocks with Bolt
8. Lifting Bolt
9. Splash Guard
10. Operation Manual
11. One Year Warranty for Machine under Normal Operation (From the Date on Bill of Lading)
1. Permanent Magnetic Chuck
2. Electromagnetic Chuck
3. Chuck Control w/Demagnetizer
4. Coolant System
5. Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator
6. Dust Collector
7. Micro-Adjustment Device on Cross Feed w/Screw
8. Micro-Adjustment Device on Vertical Feed
9. Balancing Stand
10. Spare Grinding Wheel
11. Spare Wheel Flange
12. Manual Parallel Dressing Attachment
13. Hydraulic Unit w/Fan
* KAMIOKA reserves the right to change design, color or spec without prior notice.